Can you please introduce yourself (who are you, where are you from, what do you study)?

Just ordinary crazy blond girl from planet called “Earth” (or maybe not, it is still not sure.. :D) Nowadays I study genetics cause I would like to know how to make unicorns. But otherwise I study topic of nutrigenomics and its influence to human obesity at PhD (or how to make fluffier unicorn). So pretty serious thing…

How long have you been a member of ESN and what were your roles before becoming a member of national board?

The story began many months ago, when this blond girl decided to go on Erasmus and she was very sad to go home so she joined ESN section before she even came home and did not know what to expect from ESN. This is dated for 2012 J And from that time many things happened.. From hyperactive beginning I made it through local SocialErasmus coordinator, local section president to National SE coordinator and now I am here. It was very nice journey of unforgettable memories with awesome people from all over the world. And it still is.  It’s nice to see what changed, how small changes can have a big influence and see what’s happening with them in the future.

What is your position in NB and how long have you been doing it?

Now I am a treasurer and I’m trying to find some treasure from December when the new NB was elected. Officially our mandate started in January but because there were some outstanding issues, we were working on them already in December – it can be also seen as a preparation for a mandate. And I hope we prepared well ;)

Can you describe a typical day of Treasurer of ESN SK?

If there would be a typical day, it would not be fun ;) That’s the beauty of each day. Every day you can find in your mail different emails with different topics, so it is never the same. When the National Platform is coming – it’s invoice time and much more emails then. Sometimes it’s also skype time – to share what happened to others etc. (and to hear their lovely voices of course)
I can’t forget eating and sleeping (sometimes when it’s necessary to do so), checking a bank account and mix of laughing and crying (just kidding).

What was your most valuable experience connected to being in NB so far?

Every moment is valuable and it’s hard to pick one. It is not just about being in NB, it’s about that journey there. The team is pretty strong right now, it is about people they are giving their best, their inner energy and believes to something we try to create. And it is wonderful to be part of this – it’s something magical.

What were the most challenging tasks that you had to deal with?

Find the money :D As I mentioned before, after our election there were many unresolved issues cause there was no functional NB before, so we had to deal with some unpaid invoices. Fortunately today there are no records of outstanding debts, and that makes us very happy.

What is your biggest goal that you want to accomplish before the end of your mandate?

Settle previous debts and keep a clean slate for a future NB (to be happier).

Have you attended any international events? If so, which ones and what was the best about them?

I have attended many of them, it’s already hard to count it as hard to say, which one was the best one. 2 SECM (Prague, Besancon), 2 CEP (Košice, Ostrava), 2 AGM (Milano, Ankara) and few positions meetings in Brussels and some meetings in Czech Republic or somewhere else. Every meeting has its own special atmosphere and personally I like smaller meetings where you can easily get „the family feeling“, get close to each other, „be hugged“ and much more. Those people give you power to do more, to do things you believe. And that’s magical, isn’t it?

What is your message for people who can’t decide whether to join NB of ESN or not?

I realized many things. It doesn’t matter if you are blond, what do you study or where have you been. But it’s important what do you implement from it and not only to your life. I believe that every person, every student has something special, something for changing the big things or other lives to better tomorrows. My motto is: “Don’t cry when the sun is gone, because the tears won’t let you see the stars.”
What is supposed to happen, will happen. And never, never give up! So I'm still in a motion and will never stop. Because the life gives us great opportunities to live. Join and create something new! You never know what will come and you never know which moment will be the magic one. For me Erasmus and also ESN and NB means unforgettable memories, they can change your universe forever. Maybe you sometimes have to go out from your comfort zone, to the zone where magic happens, but for sure it's worth it... forever. And maybe you will see the unicorns, you never know..