"We believe we can change the world for the better - one act of kindness at a time. And with this motto we decided to help others in need. We joined the reconstruction of a house bought for a family of refugees from Iraq. In the early morning hours we embarked on the train to Vycapy-Opatovce. The house is not fit to live in, so we wanted to help as much as possible, because the family would like to move in before Christmas. The weather was favourable so we managed to demolish the back side of the house. Particularly entertaining was the part when we took down walls with a hammer – good opportunity to let out some steam. The lunch was cooked by the Iraqi family – traditional food. It tasted amazing, we couldn’t get enough of it. The children weren’t only playing they were helping as well, and they did a pretty good job too. Before we left for Trnava, the mother wanted to express her gratitude and she did it in her mother tongue – we didn’t understand anything, but from the tone of her voice and from her face you could feel so much appreciation. It was the most touching moment of the day. So with her image in our heads, joy in our hearts and tiredness in our bodies we went back to Trnava."