Orange is the main partner of ESN Slovakia and all Slovak sections.

Orange Slovakia is the biggest telecommunication company in Slovakia providing services for almost 3 million of customers. Orange is the leading mobile broadband Internet provider, using 3G and 4G networks. High-speed mobile Internet coverage exceeded 95% of Slovakia's population, and Orange’s 4G network is now available to more than 90% of Slovaks.

Orange Slovensko, a. s. is a member of the global Orange Group, one of the biggest mobile network operators and broadband internet providers in Europe. As of 31. December 2016, the Orange Group had revenues of €40.9 billion, with 263 million customers using its services in 29 countries of the world.

What Orange offers to students

Orange Slovakia has more offers for both international and home students. There are several possibilities, either pre-paid cards or contract.

A) Prima Data

If you are staying in Slovakia less than 6 months and a contract is something, you do not want to deal with, then our offer - Prima Data SIM card will be a better choice for you. The price of this SIM card is only 2€. For this great price you already get 2€ credit and 1 GB of data. On this card, you can top up as much credit as you want and then use it for whatever you prefer more - data, calls or SMS.

  • You pay only for what you use
  • You decide by yourself how you will use your credit: data, calls, SMS/MMS
  • The validity of unused credit is 12 months
  • The card is without commitment
  • Top up your credit easily via internet or set up the automatic top up
  • Simple activation with your first call

Price of the call is 0,10€ / min. and price of the SMS is 0,06€ / SMS. In addition, there is a possibility to activate voice or SMS bundles at discounted prices. EUR

If you are more data oriented you can easily activate one of our data bundles. Do not miss our special offer - 10 GB for 10€!

Read more about this this amazing offer here.

For how to top up credit Prima Data, click here.

B) FunFón

Another option of pre-paid card that Orange offers to you is the FunFón pre-paid SIM card. Only for 7€ you can get a new FunFón SIM card where you already have 7€ credit.

FunFón offers you multiple services such as (calls, SMS, MMS, mobile data), with no contract, invoices and also without a need of going anywhere.

Your new FunFón SIM card is ready to use - activation can be made by first call to any number. Just insert your new card to your mobile phone, enter the PIN "0000" and make your first call.

Read more about this offer here.

C) Go Yoxo

If you are staying in Slovakia longer than 6 months or you are a home student then you will probably me more interested in our new contract offer for students - Go Yoxo.

Go Yoxo is a new tariff for students which means that you will have to pay every month for the services included in this bundle. The tariff is valid for ISIC, ITIC and EURO<26 card owners and monthly fee is only 15€.

What is included in this price?

  • unlimited data for social networks and chat
  • 5 GB data for others
  • unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in whole Europe
  • Yoxo Market - where you can buy more data or sell your unspent data

You can find more info here.