Genesis of the Coffeeshop Company was in 1999. In September of that year, the first shop of the Coffeeshop Company had been opened in the Krugerstrasse in Vienna, which is reflected in the slogan "Home in Vienna".

With the Coffeeshop Company, the Schärf group of companies realizes the trend of cool and high-quality coffeeshops in Europe, which are designed in modern lifestyle and are well-known in the United States. In doing so, the Coffeeshop Company places emphasis on a perfectly elaborated, own and unique interpretation of the coffeeshop.

The corner pillars are exactly designated and comply with the:

- "One-Stop Principle"
Therein, all components, products and ideas of the Coffeeshop Company concept are concerted.

The Coffeeshop Company is a new and unique interpretation of the traditional Viennese cafe. The Schärf Group of Companies provides the background for the premium quality fabrication, through decade-long experience in production of coffee and coffee machines. Centric is the commitment to high-quality products along with the vital building-block - espresso coffee. Brewed in the unique Schärf piston coffee machine, espresso becomes an adventure of pleasure.


10% Discount with ESNcard

Thanks to cooperation between ESN Slovakia and Coffeeshop company you can enjoy 10% off in Coffeeshops at Bratislava Airport (BTS). There are 2 shops, one in Schengen and one in Non-Schengen area. Enjoy a wide selection of tea, coffee, draft beer Pilsner 0,3 l or snack while smoking before your flight!