Are the link between the European Commission and Higher Education Institutions. Regarding the Erasmus Programme, agencies are responsible for the promotion and implementation at the national level and are therefore familiar with the relevant issues and organisation. They are present in the 34 European countries. You can consult your National Agency if you need nformation about the Erasmus programme. Also, if your institution is failing to fulfil their obligations from the Erasmus University Charter you can turn to your National Agency and report the problem.

Slovak National Agency of the Lifelong Learning Programme 

  • The National Agency is responsible for implementation of the Lifelong Learning Programme in Slovakia.
  • The programme aims to support Member States' policies on lifelong learning, education and vocational education and training. 

SAAIC - National Agency of the Lifelong Learning Programme 

Svoradova 1

811 03 Bratislava 


Tel:  +421 2 209 222 01     



Source: Successful Recognition, Student Guidebook by Justyna Pisera, Prime project Coordinator

PRIME, Problems of Recognition In Making Erasmus is a research project of ESN International. It is supported by the European Commission under an Erasmus Accompanying Measures grant within the Lifelong Learning Programme.