Regional Meeting East took place in the second largest city of Slovakia - Košice. We started on Friday since ESN UMB BB and ESN UNIZA had a long way ahead of them. We spent Friday evening in very cosy place where we had dinner together and we could talk and break the ice among members of different sections. On Saturday, we discussed several topics, like “Multinationalism”, whether it is good to have international students as members in our sections, “Self-development in ESN”, what ESN gave us and what we have learnt since we are a part of this organisation. The longest discussed topic was “Sharing best practices” where we talked about the condition of the section, different types of events or recruitments. I think that thanks to this brainstorming many people found an inspiration or new ideas that could be implemented in their section in the future. Regional Meeting East was represented by ESN Košice, we would like to thank them one more time for the organisation, ESN Prešov that joined us on Saturday, ESN UNIZA and ESN UMB BB. Altogether 22 people gathered in Košice. And since it is less formal meeting, we did not have a strict agenda to follow, so we ended in the afternoon and then, in the evening, we had some fun in the disco club. On Sunday, we came to the conclusion that we came on Friday as total strangers who had seen each other couple of times before and we are leaving as friends who are looking forward to the section cooperation. It may seem like a cliché, but some of the common trips are already planned, stay tuned and wait for it, cause it’s about to be legendary.

Article by Annamária Košútová