Hey hey hey!!!

Do you remember what you were doing this past Sunday? Well, whether you do or you don't, it doesn't really matter. Although, I bet our Erasmus students from 4 Slovak ESN sections remember it pretty well!

I'm sure you can't contain yourselves because of how curious you are to know WHY it was so unforgettable. Well, take a seat, here is the answer:

On the 22nd of February, the National Round of ESN TEAM took place in Bratislava! What's the big deal? The winners will travel to Cracow, Poland, to represent our country at the International Round of ESN TEAM,  all costs paid for ;).

The gals and guys competed in three sports: volleyball, streetball and futsal; hence the names of the brave winners will be forever engraved in this HTTP code (maybe), drum rolls please....:


  • Neguroiu Ionut
  • Diego Gutierrez Ramos
  • Carlos Sanchez
  • Marc Ruperez
  • Jorge Hernandez Quinto


  • Jorge Hernandez Quinto 
  • Diego Gituerrez Ramos
  • Jaime Garcia Vazquez
  • Alvarro Segura Montero
  • Alicia Gamiz Arias
  • Celia Enrique Barrionuevo
  • Vladimír Chrček

Voleyball – SHAKE TEAM

  • Sophie Lagaillarde
  • Jorge Hernandez Quinto
  • Diego Gutierrez Ramos
  • Jaime Garcia Vazquez
  • Paulina Lozowska
  • Pawel Stawicki
  • Paul Przemek
  • Ania Wodrowska


Thank you for participating and good luck in Cracow!

And last, but not least, "THANK YOU" and "GOOD JOB" to the OC Team of this event :)

So long,

your Maira

National PR Manager of ESN SVK