Preparations before departure

You can apply for the programme if you are registered student at one of the HEIs with Extended Erasmus University Charter. You can apply and be selected to go by your home institution but you need to find a company wiling to host you on your own.

What are the preconditions?

Erasmus students are selected by their home higher education institution in a fair transparent way.

What arrangements are made for the student ?

Prior to their departure, students are provided with:

  • A placement agreement (grant agreement) covering the mobility period and signed between the student and his or her home higher education institution.
  • A "Training Agreement" regarding its specific programme for the placement period; this agreement must be endorsed by the home higher education institution and the host organisation;
  • A "Quality Commitment" setting out the rights and obligations of all the parties specifically for placements abroad.
  • The ERASMUS Student Charter setting out the student's rights and obligations with respect to his/her period abroad.

At the end of the period abroad:

  • Full recognition must be given by the home higher education institution for the period spent abroad as agreed in the Training Agreement, preferably by using ECTS credits. Recognition shall be based on the training agreement approved by all parties before the period of mobility starts.
  • In the particular case of a period of placement that is not part of the curriculum of the student, the sending institution shall provide recognition at least by recording this period in the Diploma Supplement or, if not possible, in the student's transcript of records. In addition, the use of Europass mobility documents is encouraged.

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