Get your recognition after return

After receiving your Transcript of Records, you need to meet again with the Erasmus Coordinator of your home university. They will check if you completed the semester abroad and gained the required minimum number of ECTS. They will also compare the courses on your Transcript of Records with those on your Learning Agreement. All the courses from your Transcript of Records that were successfully completed and were originally presented in the Learning Agreement should be fully recognised and included as an integral part of your curriculum. Those courses will be included in your Diploma Supplement – a document which accompanies your graduation diploma. It is providing a standardised description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies you completed during your academic career.

Source: Successful Recognition, Student Guidebook by Justyna Pisera, Prime project Coordinator

PRIME, Problems of Recognition In Making Erasmus is a research project of ESN International. It is supported by the European Commission under an Erasmus Accompanying Measures grant within the Lifelong Learning Programme.