Local Board:

Description of section:

Our section is the oldest and biggest one of 2 sections present in Nitra. The average number of our incoming Erasmus students is around 120 per year, and this number has been increasing during the last years. The main aim of our section is to provide the Buddy system service and other social activities. During our existence we have organized a lot of trips and social events, which were successful and awarded by our Erasmus students. All members of ESN SUA Nitra are always ready to help. The most important for us is to feel ESN SPIRIT..:)

History of section:

After  Matej Hudec had our section 5 more presidents: Mariana Geffertová, Jana Reváková ,
Zuzana Bajusová, Kristína Sládečková, Kristína Lauková, Kristína Candráková and current
president Zuzana Kovačičová.

Our section was established in 2008 by Matej Hudec like ESN Uniag Nitra. In 2012 the section changed the name and now it's ESN SUA Nitra. After  Matej Hudec had our section 5 more presidents: Mariana Geffertová, Jana Reváková , Zuzana Bajusová,  Kristína Sládečková and current president  Kristína Candráková. At the beginning of our existence, we were around 10 active members, but every year the team is changing. We started with a few events for Erasmus students but today our activities are more interesting. Last year and also this year our section has participated in Social Erasmus, because we want to develop this idea. After one year of our existence, we built a nice relation with the International relations Office in our University and since this moment they have been supporting us financially or helping us when we need it. We are really happy and its pleasure for us to be part of this Network.

The Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

The Slovak University of Agriculture (SUA) in Nitra is the top educational and scientific institution whose main aim is to provide students with an university education, drawing on scientific knowledge in agriculture and neighboring areas, as well as on creative scientific research. The Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra provides university education at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level at 6 faculties of life and business sciences. Currently there are more than 500 researchers and teachers involved in teaching and research process. Currently, more than 10 000 students are studying at the university. The university and its faculties are very active in research projects and projects of life-long education (Leonardo, Grundtvig, Erasmus, Jean Monnet). Each year, about 100 students participate at exchange programs (study or practical placement abroad).

Something about the City:

The first mention of Nitra dates back to. The name of the city is derived from the river Nitra. The name might originate in the Germanic word Nitrahwa, meaning "flowing water".Nitra has a population of 85,172. The city has the wealth of historic structures and natural beauty in the surroundings. The most notorious points of interest are the Nitra castle, the old town and the hill Zobor, overlooking the city. Nitra is the seat of two universities: University of Constantinus the Philosopher and of the Slovak University of Agriculture.  The city's system of primary education consists of 14 public schools and three religious primary schools, enrolling in overall 6,945 pupils. Secondary education is represented by five gymnasia with 3,349 students, 8 specialized high schools with 3,641 students, and 5 vocational schools with 3,054 students. A permanent exhibition at the Nitra Museum shows the history of the city, its surrounding areas and Slovakia. The Nitra State Gallery, the Gallery of the Young, and the Art Gallery present Slovakian works as well as temporary exhibitions by foreign artists. The cultural life in Nitra is very rich. A classical guitar festival is organized there each year.

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Interesting projects:

  • Blood donation day
  • Run for life
  • Daffodil Day
  • Erasmus in Schools
  • Nation to Nation evenings
  • Paintball day


WEB: sua.esn.sk