Local Board:


Descripton of the Section:

One of the biggest sections in the capital city of Slovakia tries to take care of more than 200 Erasmus students every semester with help of many so called “buddies” nowadays in cooperation with three other sections in Bratislava. During our short history we managed to organize many different events and trips to neighbouring countries. Our members are always eager to help. We take care not only of Erasmus students but also of other foreign students. 

History of the Section:

It all began in 2008 at the Faculty of Medicine, where an proactive student Alexandra Krištufeková started to take care of Erasmus students with few friends. The start was a bit delayed due to some mistrust but in the end they managed to get an office and even their own website. In the next elections the board increased its number to 5 persons who developed ESN CU to more professional level. Great thanks go also to Henika Dubecká, Zuzana Čahojová and Adam Kaiser who made the progress possible.  As the board members were changing the whole sections were becoming more and more organized till we reached total number of 7 board members and 70 “buddies”. 

Name of the University: 

Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave/ Comenius University in Bratislava

Description of the University: 

Comenius Universityin Bratislava is the oldest andbiggestSlovak university. It was created in 1919 andsince then it has had an exceptional importance for progress of education, science and culture in Slovakia. It was the first institution that offered the highest possible education in the Slovak language. Since the creation university has belonged to the best universities in Slovakia and it became an internationally recognized center of science and research. As the most complex university of classical type it keeps the position of a national university. Comenius University has 13 faculties and more than 20 pedagogical, science and other facilities. Altogether you can find more than 28 000 students studying in Bachelor, Master or Postgraduate programs and nearly 1 800 international students from 80 foreign countries. Every year university accepts nearly 8 000 newstudents who can choose out of 1 300 study programs.

Something about the City:

Bratislava with its old-town charm, sophisticated restaurants, traditional pubs, good music ranging from jazz to opera, stylish people, has a Europe's greatest river as a backdrop. In case you want to get more info about the history of the city you should know that Bratislava used to be known as Pressburg to German speakers or Pozsony to Hungarian speakers and it got its present name only 90 years ago.  However, the city has a long and proud history that dates back to pre-Roman times. Even the local nature offers hillsides on the edge of the city, whichhave beenhome to vineyards for centuries. An impressive range of architecture, languages and cuisine offers many free time activities. One of the most valued landmarks is the Bratislava Castle with its long and chequered history (it had been destroyed more than once). Itsurvived a major restoration and now offers great views over the medieval old town and the Danube valley from its fortifications.Communism, too,left its mark: across the river the unmistakable ranks of concrete housing blocks - paneláky in Slovak - line the horizon, with the unique UFO-style New Bridge in the foreground. And if, after all this, you still want some big-city 'glamour' feel free to exploit cheap travel options to Vienna, Budapest or Prague, which are close enough for a daytrip.

Interesting projects or events:

  • Welcome Week
  • Trips around Slovakia and neighboring countries
  • Classy Night
  • Sport events
  • Parties


WEB: http://cu.esn.sk
E-MAIL: cu@esn.sk