Through participation and involvement in different activities in the local sections, students with disabilities are given an opportunity to experience the international and intercultural atmosphere associated with the exchange programmes. ESN wants to provide the conditions and opportunities for the disabled students to actively be involved in the work with international students and therefore to benefit from the exchange programmes at their home universities.

The  long-term vision of the project is to promote the opportunities and support offered for students with disabilities to study abroad.



  • Increase the participation of students with disabilities in mobility programmes.
  • Make ESN an accessible organisation.

Local ExchangeAbility Coordinators quide


MapAbility, a sub-part of ExchangeAbility, aims to create a map of the accessibility and services provided by European Higher Education Institutions for students with disabilities. With this new online map, ESN is using MapAbility data to provide disabled students with an exclusive guide to accessibility in European Universities.

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