SocialErasmus is an international project by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) which promotes a social attitude among young citizens participating in mobility programmes, to facilitate their integration into the local community while gives them the chance to make a long lasting social change in society through volunteering activities.

The project goes under the slogan: Leave your mark!

The aim of SocialErasmus is to enrich the international experience of students abroad with volunteering activities that allow them to understand society's problems and to work on the solutions. SocialErasmus provides an opportunity for international students to get to know other realities and learn how they can contribute to improve society as citizens of the world.

Our mission is to provide young citizens the opportunity to do more with their mobility experience, to make a difference and create a positive social change through volunteering.

SocialErasmus Week

Twice a year, ESN sections from all over Europe together organize a full week of SocialErasmus activities. In autumn edition of SocialErasmus Week 2015, volunteers from ESN organized over 530 SocialErasmus events all over Europe. Therefore it makes this week the most valuable for local people and communities.