Visit to the International Relations Office and Erasmus coordinator

After your arrival to the host country, go and visit the International Relations Office and Erasmus coordinator. Make sure the university received all the documents you sent by post. Check if they signed and accepted your Learning Agreement. Visit the International Relations Office in the first week after your arrival. Take all of your documents with you (ID, letter of acceptance, health insurance)

Changes to the Learning Agreement
Sometimes, due to different reasons, some of the previously chosen courses will not be available or two or more courses will overlap. In this situation you will have to change one or more courses from your Learning Agreement. Once signed, the Learning Agreement can be changed during the study period. To make changes to the Learning Agreement, you need to use the second page of the document. You need to write there all of the courses from the previous LA you resign from and all the new course units you decided to take instead. Remember that the modifications need to be accepted again by all three parties: you, your coordinator from host and home university need to sign it.

Source: Successful Recognition, Student Guidebook by Justyna Pisera, Prime project Coordinator

PRIME, Problems of Recognition In Making Erasmus is a research project of ESN International. It is supported by the European Commission under an Erasmus Accompanying Measures grant within the Lifelong Learning Programme.