Transcript of Records

Before going back to your home country, make sure that you received a Transcript of Records from your host institution. The Transcript of Records is an important document both for the student and the institution. It is a formal document, providing the proof of your study attainments and allowing recognition. It ensures that you have an accurate and upto-date record of the progress. It gathers the educational components you have taken abroad, the number of ECTS credits you have achieved and the grades you have been awarded.

The host institution will issue the Transcript of Records for each incoming student. They should send it to your home institution at the end of your period of study, in order to formally certify the work completed, the credits awarded, and the local grades received during the mobility period.

You should receive your Transcript of Records after completing your semester abroad and before leaving your host country. However, in some institutions the process of examination is quite long and the Transcript of Records will not be ready before you leave to go back home. In such situations, make sure that you are in contact with a person responsible for producing it and delivering it to your institution. Make sure you know where to contact this person if necessary.

Source: Successful Recognition, Student Guidebook by Justyna Pisera, Prime project Coordinator

PRIME, Problems of Recognition In Making Erasmus is a research project of ESN International. It is supported by the European Commission under an Erasmus Accompanying Measures grant within the Lifelong Learning Programme.