Section board:


  • President: Katarína Thalerová
  • Vice-president: Lucia Finková
  • SocialErasmus coordinator:
  • Activity coordinator: Alžbeta Rusnáková
  • Buddy Coordinator: Romana Vasilovčíková


Description of a section:

Even though we are a small ESN section, we have a big heart and a very hospital atmosphere. Every year we have only around 10 Erasmus students which makes a nice opportunity to have a closer friendship with them. At our school we certainly are like a big family because of the small number of stundents and that´s the same for ESN VSMU. However, we have a big effort to make perfect programme for our Erasmus students.

Our aim is to bring students from all countries and cultures together and show them the best of what Bratislava and Slovakia can offer, help them with their projects, such as theatre performances, concerts and video records, show them the real life here and make connections with the local students.

ESN VSMU is the youngest section in Bratislava and part of ESN Bratislava (ESN STU, ESN PEU, ESN VSEMVS). We cooperate with all ESN sections in Slovakia and we participate on most of the events organised by ESN Bratislava, ESN CU and ESN EUBA. We offer and recommend many interesting events (trips, social activities, culture, school and sports activties, parties by ESN BA, CU, EUBA and other clubs) every week for our Erasmus Students. All in all we can just say - we have a really rich programme and time for a lazy day is nearly impossible! 

Our another aim is to promote our school abroad, especially the study plan, school and after school activies. However, our best promotion are  the memories of Erasmus students. We, ESN VSMU, are the connection between the Academy of Performing Arts and foreign countries.

The section ESN VSMU has five active members: president, vice-president, activity coordinator, social-Erasmus coordinator and buddy coordinator.

Name of the University:

Vysoká škola múzických umení v Bratislave (Academy of Performing arts in Bratislava)

Description of a University:

University of Performing Arts in Bratislava was created in 1949. It is a public university-type of school and the highest accredited educational, artistic and research institution in the field of theatre, film, music and dance arts in Slovakia. Our school consists of three faculties- Faculty of Theatre, Faculty of the film and television and a Music Faculty, as well.  VŠMU provides higher education with BA, MA, PhD and ArtD degree courses in full-time programmes.

Something about the city:

Bratislava is at the centre of Europe, a fact reflected by its excellent transport connections. Vienna, with its large international airport, is only 60 kilometres away; Budapest is 200 km to the southeast; and Prague just 300km to the northwest. All of these cities are connected to Bratislava by multi-lane highways and regular international express trains. Whether you fly, arrive by boat along the River Danube, or by car or train, getting to the city is quick and easy. Bratislava is the gateway to Slovakia, both practically and symbolically. Walking around Bratislava you will discover that it really is a little big city. The intimate and compact ancient city centre, which is home to most of the city’s cultural and historical monuments, is an exclusively pedestrian zone. Within walking distance are not only the best hotels and restaurants, but also a wealth of galleries, museums, theatres and historical sights.