Oravský Castle

The most attractive tourist locality of the northern Slovakia is the Oravsky castle lying on the river Orava near the village Oravsky castle, below impressive cliffs. In 1370, it became a county castle and the seat of the Oravky castle estate. The castle, much like others in Slovakia, stands on the site of old wooden forts and it was constructed after the Tartar invasion in 1241. Originally, it was built in the Romanesque and Gothic styles and later reconstructed in the Renaissance and Neo-Gothic styles. Today the castle is a remarkable compound of buildings of the lower, central and upper castles with palaces, fortifications and towers. Visitors are intrigued by its three entrance gates communicated by a tunnel, under which there is a dungeon.

In the castle there is also the Orava Museum which was established with numerous series of expositions. In the oldest part of the upper castle, an archaeological exposition documenting the oldest history of the Orava settlement is installed. Natural history exhibition is installed in the bottom floors of the central castle with samples of fauna and flora. On the upper floor of the central castle, an ethnographic exposition is placed. It is one of the most beautiful and largest castles in Slovakia and the castle is a national culture heritage.

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