Would you like to visit a city which has the oldest coat of arms in the Europe, which has the oldest marathon in the Europe (and the third oldest in the world), the biggest ZOO in Slovakia, which was the European main city of culture (2013) and is currently the European city of sports (2016)? The city with well preserved medieval fortifications? City with lot of cultural and artistic events? City with very good beer, gastronomy and lot of fun? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you should definitely consider visiting Košice – the second biggest city in Slovakia!

Košice (former Cassovia, Kassa, Kossa or Kaschau) is a very old historical city, located in the Eastern Slovakia. Many nations were attracted by this city and their culture influenced not even its changing name but also the character of the historical monuments here.

The most impressive monument (under UNESCO) which you must see in this city is the St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral which is the most eastern non-symmetrical Gothic cathedral in Europe. Inside of this cathedral you will find for example very unique altar made out of melted guns from the First World War or the spiral staircase which is oldest one in Europe of its kind! The other “must to see” place in Košice is Hrnčiarska street, where always were and still are situated all the handicraftsmen in Košice. In their shops you can buy unique hand-made souvenirs or taste freshly prepared Slovak cakes and food or tea made out of properly gathered Slovak herbs.

We have Singing fountain which is “dancing” according to the tunes of the played music, ghost which is appearing in the window of Urban´s tower and even the bones of the St. Valentine are buried in Košice!

City offers you very high watch tower from which you can see the whole city and villages in its vicinity, exciting bobsled in our beautiful ZOO, wakeboarding on our nice lake, escape rooms in which you can have a lot of fun. Also we have a lot of good and cheap ☺ pubs, wine and beer festival and Gurmanfest for those who love food!

The above few paragraphs about this amazing, multicultural big-small city are not enough to describe its special atmosphere and all of the interesting places. That is why you should definitely come, see and taste it by yourself! ☺