My Erasmus experience?

I don´t know where to start. Well, first of all, at the end of September I was so frustrated because everybody of my friends who went on Erasmus, were already abroad. Me? I was still waiting for the right date to get out.

I chose Germany and that explains everything (their universities begin and end later than others). To be concrete, I chose a wonderful city in Thuringia, Erfurt.

First impression: I love this city. Are you serious that my dorm is so wonderful and I share the flat with two German girls, what means “deutsch intensive”? Amazing!

Second impression: Public transport each 4 minutes? Luxurious. My buddy? The sweetest girl I could have wished for (she helped me with everything I needed). The university? No words needed.

And then the third impression: Well, I was on my way to find ESN and to find out, what kind of trips they do and how their section works, so I could bring some fresh air to my own in Slovakia.

I was searching and searching and found nothing at all. The reason was simple: there is no such a thing as ESN in Erfurt. I was so disappointed. What now? How am I going to enjoy my Erasmus in here without trips and events? But during the first week, I met a few exchange students, we got to know each other a bit and then we understood that these people would surround us during the winter term in Erfurt.

And we planned and travelled and had fun! And I was even happier for all organisation skills because thanks to them, we saw Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and many other interesting places in Germany (I won´t bother you with all those names, you wouldn´t probably know half of them) :D. But the point is that we went somewhere each weekend. If I should sum up my experience, I would say that it was one of my best decisions I have ever made from several reasons.

I can say that after 5 months of being in Germany, I saw more of that country than of my own (which is actually sad, but I will fix it). I lived with two German girls, one of them was awful, so I learnt how to cope with terrible flatmate and another one was friendly and nice person, it means that my German is thanks to her much better than it used to be.

I studied at different university, so I saw different education system and teachers´ attitude to students and many other things. I got to know plenty amazing people from all around the world, who I want to keep in touch with. And that also means more opportunities for me to travel low-cost. And I also mentioned how wonderful Erfurt is.

I really recommend everybody to go there, if you get the chance. In the city centre, there is an enormous town cathedral. Above this cathedral is a hill, if you walk up, you can enjoy a lovely view of the whole city centre.

What can you do there? Everything! There are plenty of museums, city library, cinema, theatre, opera house, many restaurants, cafés and also opportunities for fans of sport.

I am so excited about my stay there. I mean, there were problems, there are always problems, but it doesn´t really matter as long as it is worth it. And this was worth it!

Don´t hesitate, fill in the application form and choose your destination because mobility is a lifestyle.

- Annamária Košútová, ESN UMB BB