People call Saint Nicholas also Santa Claus in the USA but we are in Slovakia and here is Saint Nicholas. What actually is this day? Giving presents to each other? Not, Saint Nicholas Day has tradition. Let´s crack it.

Saint Nicholas is one of the most popular saints. He was born about 270 in Patara to rich Christian family. He was famous for his kindly personality from youth. His kindly personality got stronger when he became a bishop of Myra, Turkey. He was multiple patrons. Russia considers him as patron of their country. Many cities have the name according to Saint Nicholas also in Slovakia, for example, Liptovský Mikuláš or in England St. Nicholas. He was also the patron of sailors, traders and chemists. As a bishop, he helped to Christians, saved many convicted Christians by redeeming by his treasure. He gave money to building a hospital. He was very favourite bishop thanks to his acts and kindly personality. There are many legends describing the history about Saint Nicholas. The most popular and the most widespread is a legend about three daughters and their dad, who lost his treasure. He wanted to marry his daughter off but without the dowry, it was not possible and so Saint Nicholas dropped three lumps of gold to the chimney and changed life story of the daughters. She could marry. It is the reason why we give presents on this day to each other. He died on 6th December.