"What’s better way for our Erasmus students to discover new city than to literally GET LOST in it with a group of friends? The meeting point was at the Bratislava Castle from where they had started 3 hour walk through the city labyrinth with many tricky questions and tasks. Do you know where is ‘Bermuda triangle’ of Bratislava or what is the recipe for ‘bryndzové halušky’? If you don’t know, ask our erasmus students because they already learned it thanks to this event. We created 100 item questionnaire which can be hard to follow and solve even for locals - imagine foreigners! If you have in mind taking pictures with mainstream statues and naming slovak national dishes, you are wrong, this is NOT a guided city tour. The more challenging our tasks were, the more motivated they got. Following our hints and discovering hidden gems of Bratislava, our erasmus newbies not only got an authentic Slovak experience but also had a chance to create new boundaries with their team members and strengthen the friendships they already had."