Prozis: European Leader in Sports Nutrition and Functional Foods.

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Prozis was founded in 2007, when a young student left university to pursue his dream of creating nutritional solutions for optimum health, strength and endurance. A dream that is now a reality, in the form of a company with worldwide recognition and of worldwide renown.

Everything started with just one brave person in a tiny garage. Today, that daring spirit lives on in a structure equipped with the most sophisticated proprietary technology. Prozis now makes its own products in its very own manufacturing facility, one of the most innovative in Europe, featuring state-of-the-art equipment, and also operates its own highly optimised warehouse with immediate response capacity, from which approximately 8000 orders are sent every day. Has your jaw dropped to the floor yet? Well, we’re still not done!

Thanks to technological innovation and efficient production processes, as well as over 10,000 products commercialised worldwide that are competitive, varied, and safe, Prozis has been able to distinguish itself from the competition and place itself on the market's front line.

With great enthusiasm and motivation to advance along the same path, we are proud to say that Prozis is the leader in supplementation and functional foods.

Is this where the story ends? Since Prozis is only 10 years old, we're only just getting started. Chances are, part of what you read just now isn't even up to date anymore. While you were reading this, another hundred orders were sent and yet another idea for a revolutionary product was born. So, stay tuned! We promise to keep you posted about what's happening at the forefront of the supplementation and functional food business.Exceed Yourself!